Moving budget

A person, who is planning to move, would probably ask “How much it will cost?” It is not a simple question. But, if you prepare your moving budget in advance for the expenses, then you are more likely to save yourself from a headache when the moving day finally arrives. The following tips for calculating your moving budget are designed to make your move as easy as possible.

  • Create a template for your moving budget – You can create a moving budget template by using a software program (Excel or Word). Otherwise, write down your budget on a plain paper or a record book. If you are using book or paper, then make sure that you have a good working calculator in your hand.
  • If you are moving yourself
    • Travelling Cost - If you are traveling by car, then plan your route wisely and also do not overlook the cost of tolls, fuel, meals, and hotels on the way.
      If you plan to travel by airplane, book your hotel accommodations and flight ticket as soon as possible to get the best rates.
    • Moving Truck Rental – Ask the rental company about the cost for renting a truck. You should also ask about the mileage.
    • Insurance – Ask your insurance agent about the various types of insurance available and if you need them or not.
    • Extra Equipment Rental – It may include a loading ramp, a dolly, furniture covers mattresses, etc.
    • Emergencies – It is always good to keep an extra contingency amount, just in case you need to make some extra stops or in case the price of gas goes up again.
  • If you are hiring a moving company
    • Fee – Ask for labor and fuel charges.
    • Additional Insurance – You may need to add this on to your moving budget.
    • Extra Services – It may include charges for moving heavy furniture, packing appliances, etc.
    • Extra Charges – It may include long carry charges, flight charges, packing and unpacking charges, long haul charges, etc.
  • Other Charges
    • Packing material charges.
    • Lease cancellation charges.
    • Repairing charges.
    • Property taxes.
    • Apartment rental deposit.
    • Apartment damage deposit.
    • Apartment pet deposit.
    • Storage fees.
    • Charges for decorating, painting, cleaning, etc. in your new home.
    • Insurance for new home.
    • Charges for starting services like telephone, Internet, etc.


  • Add up all the total costs.
  • Calculate the 5 percent of total costs (for emergency).
  • Add the value (after calculating 5 percent) to the total costs to get your moving budget.

To-do List

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